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  Both well checks and sick paitents are accomodated.

Dr. Samhouri maintains a working relationship with the Animal Clinic of Parker for surgeries, x-rays, and lab work to offer premier care when needed.

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Located 10 miles east of Parker, Colorado
Service for Elbert and Douglas Counties


The Doctor

Dr. Debra Samhouri          

         Dr. Debra Samhouri graduated with her DVM from CSU in 1990. She was a vet in Logan, UT gaining experience in exotic zoo animals, dogs, cats, ruminants, and horses. Raising sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, and horses has taught her the fundamentals of husbandry in addition to medicine. Membership in ADGA and ABGA offers Dr. Samhouri the knowledge of current trends in the industry. She and her family have been avid participants and supporters of 4-H in Elbert County. Fifteen years at Animal Clinic of Parker honed her skills in diagnostics and surgery.  

Whether it is a gecko, rat, rabbit, bird, dog, or cat, Dr. Samhouri strives to help owners and their pets reach the highest quality of life possible.










 Veterinarian vet for goat lamb llama alpaca horse dog cat rabbit rat hamster guinea pig bird parrot chicken reptile tortoise turtle lizard gecko and more in Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, Kiowa, Castle Rock and surrounding areas